UV Coating Machine Review – Tec Lighting Versus Al’s Co versus Duplo

We got a lot of inquiries about UV Coating machines at Lloyds of indiana. The 2 primary manufacturers we carry are Tec Lighting and Al’s Co. Duplo is another popular brand. For small print shops, the Duplo models may be cost prohibitive because of their up front costs. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each one.

1.  Tec Lighting Xtracoat Mini UV Coating Machine 14” – $11,400picture of tec lighting xtracoat uv coating machine

Tec Lighting is very popular because of its costs. You can get the smallest model Tec Lighting machine for $11,400. It is a hand fed system, so someone would have to stand and feed the machine for each project. It does not take up much space, so it is great for a small print shop. The minimum room size should be about 90 square feet. You will definitely need to vent the room because all UV Coating machines generate a lot of heat.

Pros: It is the perfect size for small UV Coating projects like post cards, business cards, menus. It does not take up a lot of space. It does a good job of applying uv coating fluid evenly.

Cons: Tec Lighting does not really support its dealer network, so service can be an issue. The low upfront price tag and quickly go up with an expensive service call

2.  Al’s Co UV Mini Coating Machine 20” – $13,500picture of al's co automatic uv coating system

Al’s Co Mini gives you a much wider application. Even at $13,500 it is good value for the money. It can handle uv coating fluid for either digital print or offset print. It has fast and easy cleanup with a user friendly control panel. It can process UV and Aqueous coatings. You can add an optional automatic feed system for a total cost of $19,500.

Pros: Still mini, it provides a wider option with 20” width for big, as well as small jobs. Can get an optional automatic feeder. All parts are Made in the USA. They have a national dealer network, so service is no problem.

Cons: They could do better with training.

3.  Duplo – $35,000 plus add-ons.Ultra 300Ai UV Coater

Duplo is the high end of the uv coating machines. If you are already running Duplo equipment, integration into your current operation will be easy. Duplo offers some features that the other 2 manufacturers do not. The Duplo comes with a feeding tray and can be integrated with your HP Indigo printer.

Pros: Good for high volume UV coating projects that need to be automated from print to finishing. Integrates with an HP Indigo printer.

Cons: It’s expensive for a small print shop. Unless you are doing a lot of volume, it could be cost prohibitive for you.

For a small print shop, we usually recommend the Al’s Co UV Coating Machine. It is perfect for small projects and can grow with your volume. All the parts are Made in the USA and they have a dealer network to support your business. This is important when you have to meet client deadlines.