MBM AeroDieCut

AeroDieCut – Die Cutting and MORE

Do you offer die cutting services in your print shop? Print engines continue to improve, but without the proper finishing solutions, production suffers. Die cutting has traditionally been suited more for larger shops. The equipment is large, heavy, requires special operator skills and is rather dangerous… until now.

MBM AeroDieCut
MBM AeroDieCut

Introducing the AeroDieCut auto-feed platen die cutter, creaser and perforator by MBM Corporation. This self-contained powerhouse processes die cut projects as easily as they were to print. The patented tri-suction feeder inserts sheets into the cut area, where the machine can die cut, perforate and crease in one pass.

Setup is simple, using traditional platen dies that are cost effective, easy to obtain and produce a quality finish. MBM saw no need to improve on the platen die design. They just thought there was a better, safer, easier way to use them. Load the platen into the machine, make any needed adjustments and activate to run through up to 1,000 sheets per hour.

AeroDieCut KeypadTouch screen operation makes using the AeroDieCut a breeze. Store up to 100 jobs in memory to retrieve the proper settings and operating instructions for projects you repeat often. The entire unit was designed to be used by anyone, with a focus on operator safety and minimal mechanical adjustments.

An optional separator and output conveyor add to the ease of use. The separator deflects waste into a waste bin while finished pieces pass through to the output tray. The conveyor delivery table keeps production flowing without worrying about filling up an output tray.

Step up your print finishing game with the MBM AeroDieCut auto-feed platen die cutter, creaser and perforator.

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