Best Forums for Print Finishing Professionals

The great thing about the Internet is information can be found with a press of a few buttons or to request Siri to find an answer. Often, the best place to find answers is still a forum. There are several forums out there that are specific to the Print Finish Industry.So, I am going to quickly give you the best forums you can find answers to your questions:picture of forum logos


Yes, Linkedin has many groups that are geared towards the print industry. Lloyds of Indiana has several groups specific to wide format printing that we manage and participate. There are others as well. And, the discussions are quite active. Here are those groups:

  • Wide Format Laminating and Mounting
  • Print Finishing
  • Digital Finishing
  • Digital Printing

Print Planet is a comprehensive forum where you can find answers to pretty much anything. Have a question about your specific printer? Chances are, you will find an experienced answer here. Have a question about the chemical make up of your ink and its interaction with a specific application? You will find your answer.


Another forum dedicated to the digital and off-set printing worlds. Their forum discussions may be by specific printers and/or specific application. So, they have a discussion thread on the HP Indigo Printers or Biz Hub Printers. Or, you will find a thread on inks or uv applications. Most the individuals participating are professionals like you.


The Book Binding Forum is geared towards the obvious – book binding. But, it also caters to those in the overall binding business including business binding. So, if you need questions about your Akiles or Rhin-O-Tuff machine, you may find the answers here. Or, you want to learn about more efficient ways of binding or the latest creative approach to custom covers, the answers may be here for you.

In a world where change is constant, its good to have resources and avenues to learn about how to solve your problems today. These are excellent resources to help you do just that.

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