Roll Laminators

Roll laminators offer a unique way to save on laminating expenses and time spent on lamination projects. A roll laminator, by a print-finishing definition, is a laminator that relies upon roll laminator film to apply different types of laminates in a fashion of continuous laminating by rolling adhesive laminate over a sheet of paper or some other similar material. Roll laminators come in different sizes and are generally used for volume-extended or over-sized lamination projects. Laminating items such as menus for restaurants, maps for schools and universities or brochures for businesses are practical and efficient when done on a roll laminator. As roll laminators can accommodate projects up to around 60″, and are feed by a roller, roll laminators are extremely fast and effective for most laminator needs.

Aside from the basic functions of a roll laminator, roll laminators often come in multiple versions for optimum roll laminating performance. Most roll laminators are actually known as “heated roll laminators“. Heated roll laminators use a simple internal computer to monitor and change the amount of heat used to warm or melt laminates on lamination projects. This is especially useful for printing shops when completing several different types of laminating projects in a single day or single roll laminating session.

Using a roll laminator requires attention and practice. Also when attempting to laminate an object via a roll laminator, roll laminator filmmust be used in conjuction with the roll laminator to produce the desired effect of laminating. Laminator roll film comes in several types of sizes from 1.5mil, 3mil, 5mil and 10mil to accommodate for any type of laminating project.

Tamerica 2700 Roll LaminatorRoll laminators such as the Tamerica TCC 2700, a 27″ Roll Laminator, offers variable speeds and control element options for user friendly roll lamination projects. This roll laminator also offers a pressure control function, a roller operation function (for faster uptime) and even a reverse roll function for total lamination control.

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