Is my UV Coating Fluid making me sick?

UV Coating Fluid Can Make the Difference

A UV coating machine is an excellent way to add protection to documents you are printing. It is far more cost effective than lamination. It makes your finished documents look excellent with either a gloss or matte finish.

picture of surecoat 2010 uv coating fluid for konica minolta bizhub printers

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The challenge sometimes is the heat and odor. UV lamps give off a lot of heat. It is recommended to vent your machine to put the heat outside. If you are in a small space, it is a must. For the most part, toxic fumes are no longer an issue.

However, if you are using an inexpensive formula, it could be an issue. There have been complaints by some that the odor given off can lead to headaches. The smell from uv curing is generally ozone. Ozone is not a toxic fume because the curing process keeps the majority of the fluid on the document. Some uv coating fluids do a better job of minimizing the ozone output than others.

At Lloyds of Indiana,, we used to use Tec Lighting uv coating fluids. When we ran our UV Coating Machine, you could smell the job into our offices. Since we switched to REVO coatings, we don’t know a uv coating project is being done. REVO coatings are an low odor solution that keeps ozone output at far lower levels than most uv coating fluid we have used.

Before you use it though, you have to wash out your machine of the old fluid. Clean those lines out first because any residual fluid will override the low odor. Check it out at the REVO Coatings page at Lloyds of Indiana.