Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink wrap machines are used for securing or bundling multiple products at a time using multiple layers of a polymer plastic compound, also known as “shrink wrap.” When using a shrink wrap machine an operator can easily and efficiently wrap a number of products in a custom or unique manner on a consistent basis. Due to the fact that shrink wrap is malleable and durable, shrink wrap machines are a highly desirable option for packaging a wide variety of items. Common products that are shrink wrapped by a shrink wrap machine are software supplies, print-finished goods, books, cd’s and dvd’s, foods and many other consumer products alike. Most users of shrink wrap machines include: packaging and distribution facilities, warehouses and other establishments that often ship or produce packages of some sort.

Shrink wrap machines come in different forms for the different types of use of shrink wrapping. The most common shrink wrapping machines often have an automatic type of functionality and are equipped with a heat gun, or some other type of thermal device for applying a co-adhesive, clear-coat finish while bundling an series of goods. Newer types of shrink wrap machines include a nearly “one step” approach to shrink wrapping machines altogether. The next-gen shrink wrap systems, such as the ProPack shrink wrap machine, offer extended use and have faster shrink wrapping capabilities than standard or older variations of shrink wrap systems.

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