Binding Machines

A binding machine is a machine that is used to preserve paper (or a similar material); usually to create professional documents, reports, books, journals or notepads. Binding machines are popular among offices, printing facilities, and even educational institutes. While there are a number of options for using a binding machine several different types of binding machines exist in the market today.

The most commonly used binding machines are: unibind binding machines, coil binding machines, comb binding machines, wire binding machines, perfect binding machines and combo binding machines.

Unibinding Machines
While most binding machines use plastic combs or wire, some binding machines use glue or adhesive material for binding. This type of binding is known as unibinding. Unibind machines are used for creating smooth and edgy covers for reports or books. Using a unibinding machine requires little preparation or upkeep time for binding purposes. With a magnetic binding capability, unibinding has become an efficient way to keep your binding clean and consistent. Unibind binding machines are electric and automatic with limited interaction.

Coil Binding Machines
Coil binding is a form of binding that utilizes coil as a means of holding together a set of materials. Coil binding machines can be electric or manual depending on the type of machine. Most electric coil binding machines are faster than traditional manual coil binding machines. Either type of coil binding machine, however, can produce the same effect and are an excellent choice for variable binding volumes.

Wire Binding Machines
Although very similar to coil binding, wire binding machines use wire instead of coil for binding objects together. Most wire binding machines are light weight and manual. Some wire binding machines are electric or automatic and are viable option for general binding purposes. Wire binding machines often have low maintenance and offer the durability for high volume binding over time.

Perfect Binding Machines / Perfect Binding Systems
Perfect binding is a fashionable approach to binding altogether. Relying on tape and other general adhesive material, perfect binding machines are a wonderful solution for fast output and high-volume book binding. With a perfect binding machine a print or copy shop can easily maintain continual use and flexibility that only perfect binding offers.

Combo Binding Machines / Combo Binding Systems
A combo binding machine is a binding machine that is utilizes both wire and comb binding machine supplies to achieve a unified binding goal. Combo binding machines are an excellent choice when considering its dual functionality in creating either wire bound books or comb bound books.

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