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UV Coating Machine Buyer Checklist

Will you be purchasing a UV coating machine in the next 12 months?

Purchasing a UV coating machine for your print shop is a great idea. If you offer wide format finishing to Tec Lighting 16" Autofeed UV Coating machinecustomers, having UV coating in addition to laminating operations gives your customers options for marketing themselves. The cost per UV coated sheet is pennies on the dollar compared to laminating. So, it is a good option to have for customers that want to protect their documents while having items that stand out.

Before you buy a machine, here are some questions you need to ask before buying:

1. Does the manufacturer set up the machine for you after purchase?

Do they just send you the machine and refer you to a video to set it up, or do they send someone on site to help you?

2. What kind of training do they provide?

UV coating machines are complex machines that are basically automated paint rollers. What are the important elements you need to consider when operating the machine and does the manufacturer offer you adequate training once it is integrated into your operations?

3. What kind of support is available?

You have a big project and your machine is not working, what kind of support do they offer to get you back up again? Are there spare parts you should stock in case something goes down?

4. Don’t buy a non-catalog machine.

Sometimes, you meet a UV coating manufacturer at a show and they will sell you a non-standard machine at a great price. The problem here is later when it breaks, they will not have the parts for it. It never went into full production. We have come across this scenario many times.

Whether you are buying your machine from the manufacturer directly or through a middleman, these are important questions you need to ask before you make a purchase. The machine will break down and you want to make sure it is working or have minimal downtime.

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