Pouch Laminators

A pouch laminator is a type of laminator machine that uses lamination sheets (more commonly known as lamination pouches) to apply a clear and durable coating to document for a finished look and feel. Most pouch laminators are heated pouch laminators, using a simple type of heated roller function to activate an adhesive around a sheet of paper. Some pouch laminators come in a form of a cold laminator using a pressure system to seal special lamination sheets. Pouch laminators are usually effective for smaller lamination projects and lower volume lamination production. If your laminating uses are demanding or require a high volume of output, then a roll laminator may be the right choice for you.akiles prolam laminator

Depending on the quality and size of your pouch laminator there are a number of different pouch lamination supply sizes available for use. The majority of pouch laminators can accept size of 3mil, 5mil, 7mil or 10mil lamination sheets. While the standard size of pouch laminators is between 6” and 12”, pouch laminators are available today to fit the needs of up to 44” and even as small as 4”.

Pouch laminators are generally used by home offices and other smaller business establishments for preserving professional documents or awards. Other users of pouch laminators also include: clubs, associations and specialty organizations.

Creating simple IDs is the primary use of pouch laminators; however, other uses of pouch laminators range from protecting business cards to preserving presentations for quality display effects.

To ensure the overall lifetime and stability of your pouch laminator it is recommended to use a form of carrier. A carrier is used to hold a pouch in place during the lamination process of a pouch laminator and can help ensure the alignment of your pouch lamination efforts. Additionally, using a carrier usually prevents jamming and other unwanted lamination side-effects such as gumming and sticky rollers.

When using a pouch laminator it is best off in an environment without dust or other derby in the air. Over time your pouch laminator may become dirty from extended use and should be cleaned on a regular basis as you use your pouch laminator. Although cleaning your own pouch laminator may be inexpensive, it is suggested that have a professional lamination technician clean your laminator.

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