Laminating Supplies

As there are two main areas of laminators, each laminating machine of its class has its own type of lamination supplies. Generally, roll laminators (heated, commerical or educational) use what is known as roll laminating film. Roll laminating film is a bound wrap of laminate material that can be used as a means of supply for most roll laminators. Pouch laminators use what is known as lamination pouches or lamination sheets. A lamination pouch is simply a semi-sealed form of laminate that has a single use application.

Laminator Roll Film
Roll laminator film comes in several different thicknesses; however, 1.5mil, 3.0mil, 5.0mil and 10.0mil seam to be the most popular of laminating roll film supplies. Depending on the type of product you are attempting to laminate using a different thickness of laminator film can make all the difference in roll laminating success. Most rolls of film cover approximately 500 feet or so of lamination coverage. For more information about roll film supplies for roll laminators visit our roll laminating section of our web site or continue browsing through our roll lamination toppic posts.

Lamination Pouches
Lamination pouches, or laminating sheets, are usually custom fit or standard fit sized pouches. Laminating pouches come in different thicknesses that range from 1.0mil to 10.0mil. Additionally, laminating sheets can vary in depth from luggage tag dimensions to letter sized and even jumbo sized. If your seeking additional information regarding lamination pouches or laminating sheets visit our pouch laminating section of our web site or browse through our pouch lamination toppic posts.

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