A laminator is a machine that is used to apply a protective or adhesive coating/film on a print-finished good. Laminators come in all different kinds of sizes, dimensions and each has different lamination functions. Laminators are used primarily with small to large businesses, printing shops and lamination service providers, schools and universities, and even clubs and organizations to accomplish their respective laminating projects. Owning a laminator often saves time and money for home offices, commercial lamination service providers, educational institutes, churches and non-for-profits.

Any laminator machine on the market today falls into two main categories of laminators. The primary category of laminators and laminator machines includes: Roll laminators, Commericial Roll Laminators and Educational Roll Laminators. The secondary category of laminator machines or laminators includes: pouch laminators, cold laminators and hand laminators.

Roll Laminators

Roll laminators are used for over-sized, or high-volume lamination uses. With a roll laminator, lamination technicians can laminate items with a width of up to around 60″ or so with ease. One of the best properties of a roll laminator is that roll laminators are often fast, easy to use and can be used for long laminating runs for big or small lamination projects. To learn more about roll laminators visit our roll laminators section of our web site or browse through our roll laminator toppic posts.

Pouch Laminators

Pouch laminators are generally used for smaller, lower volume uses of laminating. A pouch laminator can be used for many different types of laminating such as: laminating photos, creating simple ID cards or preserving important documents for future use. To learn more about pouch laminators check out our pouch laminators section of our web site or browse through our pouch laminator toppic posts for more information about pouch laminators.

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