ID printer supplies

ID printer supplies range from cleaning kits, ribbons (or cartridges), blank pvc cards to even over laminate materials and more. Depending on the type, make and model of your ID printer, it is recommended to use a corresponding brand of supplies to match (for example, use blank fargo id cards with your fargo/HID id printer).

Blank PVC Cards
The essential to all id printing is the blank cards used to create a type of id badge. Most blank cards are standard, pvc or plastic and can be used with most id machines. However, blank id cards themselves come in multiple fashions to handle different jobs. The primary categories of blank id cards have either a magnetic strip, a paper backing or “as is” with nothing special added on.

Cleaning Kits
Cleaning your ID printer is required to keep the optimum up-time of your id printing. Usually, after a heavy run or high-volume use, cleaning your id printer is ideal. As you clean your id printer you prevent dust and other debris from entering your id machine, which can ruin quality prints. Also, if you break a ribbon while using your id printer, it is recommend to clean your id machine immediately.

Ribbons / Cartridges
ID printers use either a type of ribbon or cartridge as it s medium of transfer. Theses are commonly found as: BO, YMC, YMCK, YMCKH, YMCKO, YMCKK, Premium black or standard black. Most id printer ribbons can be used for single-side printing; however, they are also found as dual-sided cartridges.

An overlmainte in id printing refers to a clear coating that is placed on an id printed card. Overlaminates are used primarily as an additional security featured to prevent tampering, fake ids or other to simply provide durability. In addition to their use, overlaminates can also be found as holographic or can contain a specified watermark image for style or security.

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