Paper Creaser Review: Count Machinery Paper Creaser

Martin Yale has purchased Count Machinery and their affordable paper creaser line.

Need a paper creaser? Count Machinery has an excellent lineup of paper creasers. Depending on what you need, you can get manual, semi-automatic to fully automatic. What makes them similar is they use the same interface for programming standard creases you may frequently do.

The Count Machinery paper creaser includes the following machines: Count EZ Crease, Count iCrease Pro and the Count Accucreaser.  One of the first things you can see is all three machines use the same interface. This feature allows you start out on the lower end iCrease PRO and if you decide to upgrade to the next level; there is no real learning curve from one machine to the next.

The process of setting the crease is easy too. You place your document into the feeder, and it will measure the paper for you. For a print shop, you can use low-skilled workers to complete this task. The machine takes care of the measurements. You then can pick what kind of crease you want on the document. The machine does the calculation and takes care of it for you.

We tested this feature on the Count Accucreaser with a 40” document in length. We put this creaser to the test by attempting a gatefold with such a large sheet. The machine calculated the size and accurately gave us two creases on the 40″ length, very impressive.  For those not familiar with a gate fold the document is folded over onto itself both left and right side and meet in the middle to be opened like barn doors opening outward. Old scoring machines have a 28” limitation most of the time and would take a long time to set up such a run. So, this was very cool.

Here are the three different machines that are available:

Count Machinery iCrease PRO Paper Creasericreasex300

The Count iCrease Pro is the introductory manual paper creaser that is for small to medium run jobs that can handle up to 2000 sheets an hour. It has touch screen programming for easy setup and pre-programming of jobs. If you are a small print shop like a UPS store or a quick print, this creaser can help you offer more services to your clients.

Cost: $5,950.00

Count Machinery EZ Crease Paper CreaserCount Machinery EZ Crease Paper Creaser

The Count Machinery EZ Crease is one step up as it is a friction feed machine that allows for automated operations. It does both creasings and perforating of documents. It can also be set up to crease documents that are run through a binding machine. It can handle up to 4,500 documents per hour depending on your paper weight and size. Again, as it uses the same interface as the PRO, you can have an unskilled worker run the machine for you.

This machine can sit on a desktop too.

Cost: $8,950.00

Count Accucreaser Air Paper Creaser with automatic air feederCount Accucreaser Paper Creaser

The Count Machinery Accucreaser Paper Creaser is the stand alone paper creaser machine on its built-in stand which can roll around your shop. This machine does creasing, perforating and scoring of documents. As I mentioned above, though the specs say it can handle up to 20”, we found it could handle double that size. It has an air feeder so it can handle up to 5,500 pages per hour depending on your paper size.

The Accucreaser was the machine we were most excited because it really could do some serious document processing.

Cost: $13,950.00

All these devices are now available at Lloyds of Indiana at our Paper Creaser Shop. If you have any questions about these machines, feel free to call us at 877-626-6848