Dual Reservoir UV Coating Machine

UV Coating Machine: Dual Application

If you are shopping for a UV coating machine, a new feature has been added to the larger machines: The Dual Reservoir UV Coating machineDual Reservoir. You can now store both gloss and matte UV Coating Fluid without the need to clean out your machine after each application. So, if you are have 2 jobs that require one for a gloss application and one for a matte application, there is no need to clean any lines out before you apply it to your next job.

All the new Tec Lighting machines from 16” up now come with dual reservoir capabilities. So, if you are looking at purchasing a UV Coating Machine, you want to make sure the dual reservoir is pre-loaded. It will certainly help keep your cost of operation down to an even lower application for each project.

Right now, the most popular model that drives the most interest is the Tec Lighting 16” Dual Reservoir TruCoat Hand-Fed UV Coating Machine. The 16” TruCoat has a three roll system that is capable of UV and Aqueous coating. The rollers are a heavy wall steel core covered in a rubber applicator roll. Roll replacement is pretty simple now with an open up and replaces in minutes.

UV Coating is an excellent way to keep print finishing costs down for your customers while still offering high-quality finish to protected documents. As the UV Coating market matures, manufacturers continually improve their machines to make them ever more cost effective to operate in your shop. With a dual reservoir, you can keep your machine running no matter the finish.

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