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Shrink Wrap Supplies Protect Your Project

If you have not considered it, shrink wrap makes a great packaging tool for completed projects. Shrink Shrink Wrap Supplieswrap supplies come in different sizes and applications depending on the shrink wrap machine you use. Shrink wrap film is used with shrink wrapping machines to bundle or package print projects for delivery or distribution.

How does shrink wrap supplies work in your print shop?

To use shrink wrap, you simply apply it over or around your finished product. You can do it using a manual system or run it through an automated shrink wrap machine. It can be heated either by a heat gun or sent through a shrink tunnel or over for shrinking.

For a print shop, shrink wrap supplies come in handy when you are finishing up a yard sign project as an example. You can wrap your stacked signs together using shrink wrap to keep them together, but easy to disassemble when your customer starts using them.

Or, any sign that needs protection, shrink wrap allows you to provide it by wrapping around the sign so it is projected when transported. Need to ship something on a palette? Shrink wrap comes in handy to make sure it is protected in transit.

If you do not have one already, consider getting either a manual shrink wrap machine or an automated shrink wrap machine for your print shop. Don’t forget the shrink wrap supplies to go with it. It’s a great tool to have around your shop.

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