2 Ways To Reduce Odor From Your UV Coating Machine

UV Coating Can Smell

picture of surecoat 2010 uv coating fluid for konica minolta bizhub printers

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So, there are a couple of ways to deal with this:

Buy a low odor uv coating fluid.

REVO Coatings offers a low odor uv coating fluid that keeps the ozone output to a minimum. It also brings out the rich colors of your printed document whether you are using gloss or matte. It is one solution.

Adjust the IR dial (Infrared)

Prior to being cured, the IR heats up the document before it hits the UV lamps. This heating process is not vented and the smell can escape through the top of your uv coating machine. If you play with IR settings, you can manage the amount of heat it gives off.

uvcoatingmachinesmell                  irlampon_off  ircontrolknob


So, if you are having trouble, take a look at these 2 options that may help you lower the odor output from your uv coating machine.