Bordeaux UV Curable Ink

UV Curable Ink is Good For The Environment

UV Curable Ink does more than just print nicely on any substrate, it is a healthy way to print for the environment.Bordeaux UV Curable Ink

UV Curable Ink allows a printer to use ink without toxins, unlike solvent-based ink. The simple fact that there are no solvents, UV inks can be successfully applied to both flexible and hard surfaces. UV printers have been on the market for a while now. So, you also have alternatives to the OEM inks you were required to use when you purchased your UV printer. Finally, because they’re UV Curable inks, they’re actually weather resistant, which makes them ideal for long-term outdoor use, unlike some vinyl and laminates.

Some other advantages of UV printing are you don’t have to mess with release liners, solvents, and lamination. Solvent-based inks have 60 – 70 percent solvents, which contain VOC toxins that have to evaporate off. This means that 60 – 70 percent of the ink is being “wasted” in the printing process. The evaporating solvents are not very good for your employees or the environment.

UV Curable ink is environmentally friendly, because unlike solvent-based inks, 100 percent of the ink is used. UV ink is a two-part acrylic epoxy, the A part is the ink itself with receptors to be activated by the B part which is UV light. The UV rays from a light source quickly activate and start a cure process to harden the ink, rather than being evaporated like solvent based ink. UV ink is an instant cure (dry) process, which means no dry time, that means no wasted time. Some forget about that resource.

What about the quality?

The quality of the print is excellent. It’s basically a giant inkjet printer. With UV Curable Inks, you can print photos and complex graphics to create signs and banners. You can pretty much print on any substrate including banners, corex signs, wood or metal. Realtors can have their photo and large images of the on a sign to visualize the real estate, event organizers can create large outdoor exhibits and tradeshow displays.

Lloyds of Indiana now carries a large selection of UV Curable Inks from Bordeaux Inks that are compatible with the most popular flatbed UV Printers at a much lower cost than running OEM inks. The quality of Bordeaux Inks is of the same quality as OEM.

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