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Have a Shrink Wrap Machine in Your Print Shop?

shrink wrap machinesEvery print shop could use a Shrink Wrap Machine. It is a handy tool in wrapping up those projects to protect them in transit. No one wants to see their work go to waste.

How do they work?

Shrink wrap machines are simple machines really. They are used for securing or bundling multiple product using multiple layers of a polymer plastic compound that we know as “shrink wrap.” The shrink wrap machine makes it easy to efficiently wrap a number of products together. Because shrink wrap is pretty malleable and durable, the machines are perfect for combine multiple items together for transit.

Shrink wrap is useful for packing a lot of common products. In addition to print finish products like printed posters, bound documents, foam board or other print projects, it makes great packing for software supplies, books, cd’s and DVD’s, foods and many other consumer products alike. You will find shrink wrap machines at packaging and distribution facilities, warehouses and print shops.

Types of Shrink Wrap Machines

There are several types of Shrink wrap machines depending on what you are packing. The most common shrink wrapping machines have an automatic operation and are equipped with a heat gun, or some other type of thermal device for applying a co-adhesive, clear-coat finish while bundling a series of goods. Newer types of shrink wrap machines include a nearly “one-step” approach to shrink wrap machine altogether. The next-gen shrink wrap systems, such as the ProPack shrink wrap machine, offer extended use and have faster shrink wrapping capabilities than standard or older variations of shrink wrap systems.

Shrink wrap is a handy tool to have in your print shop. We use it all the time.

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