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There are many ways in which you can do document binding. The standard approaches are plastic My Binding Samplescomb binding, plastic coil binding or spiral binding and double loop wire binding. If you want to step outside the standard approaches, you can also consider using the Unibind or MasterBind approach. Unibind uses a heat activated glue and MasterBind has its own “channel” system for binding documents. There are many creative ways to approach document binding. You need to figure out which is going to work best.

After you have decided which approach to document binding you want to take, you now have found out which manufacturer to purchase. Today, there are several binding machine manufacturers that produce similar binding equipment and determining the right manufacturer for you can be tough. We will try to narrow your choices for you.

Currently, there are a number of binding machine manufacturers that exist today. Theses binding machine manufacturers include Akiles, Tamerica, Rhin-O-Tuff, Unibind and MasterBind.

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Akiles Binding Machines

Akiles offers a grade A reputation for providing quality binding machines and equipment. Akiles specializes in coil binding machines and wire binding machines that include both manual and electric binding machines. Most of the Akiles binding machines are made for desktop or tabletop binding uses. The top lines of binding machines include the CoilMac line and the WireMac line of binding machines. They also build commercial binding machines called the Versamac which gives you the ability to use an interchangeable die system. So, you can accommodate any kind of punch using interchangeable dies.

Tamerica Binding Machines

Tamerica offers a full line of binding machines for almost every use of professional binding. As a whole, comb binding machines, wire binding machines, and coil binding machines are their specialty. All of Tamerica’s binding machines are extremely well built and very easy to use for binding purposes. Tamerica also offers a wide range of binding machine accessories such as binding machine workstations for fast binding practices.

Rhin-O-Tuff Binding Machines

Rhin-O-Tuff is an American manufacturer with the best warranty in the industry. They offer a 3-year warranty. They have a line of office grade machines with an interchangeable die system. They also offer Heavy Duty machines for commercial binding operations as well. Rhin-O-Tuff binding machines are built very well and offer extended durability for heavy duty binding uses. Currently, Rhin-O-Tuff has the only binding machine manufacture than offers the highest punch through value per lift than any other binding machine manufacturer.

Unibind Binding System

The Unibind binding system is unique to the others in that it does not require you to punch holes in paper. They use a heat activated gluing system to binding your documents together. You simply print your documents, put them into a folder and place it onto their heat plate. It has a light system of red and green, green indicating it is done. You then let it sit on the cooling plate. If you need to take a page out, you can reheat the glue and take the page out. Heat it up again and you are done. They have several covers including clear, hardcover and binding spines.


MasterBind is another unique system. It’s a very versatile system. It has the ability to create custom laminated hard covers. You can have 3 options for binding. You can use a plastic coil, double loop wire or their very own channel system. Their channel system does not require any document punching. The ability to create customer covers is what makes this system really good. You can customize your proposal covers for prospects, customers or individuals.


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