MasterBind USA Custom Report Cover Solution: A New Binding Machine System

MasterBind USA binding machine system allows for on-demand custom report cover production.MBlogo

As a business its important for presentation material to reflect the values of a company. If a company’s marketing material says it is a top notch organization, the presentation material should reflect this as well. There are multiple ways to accomplish a perfect presentation using Coil Binding, Comb Binding or Thermal Binding methods. There is a new process that has been added to the options available for document finishing.MasterBind Binding Machine System

MasterBind USA’s binding machine system provides an interesting alternative to other binding systems out there. It allows companies to fully customize a cover to be specific to a prospective client, an existing client or topical material. It can be used with an existing coil binding or wire binding machine, or purchase the MasterBind Atlas Crimper that utilizes their document channel system. Either way, it is a cost effective. It is a system that enables timely production with a customization standard platforms do not always deliver.

The MasterBind binding machine system prints a cover straight from your printer. The printed sheet is placed in a laminated hard-cover pouch that is put through a pouch laminator to create a custom cover. The covers can be used for reports, booklets, or other documents. Binding the document is relatively simple. MasterBind USA has its own system called channels whereby the documents are placed into a channel and crimped together for a tight bind. The covers can also use existing binding methods of either coil or wire to punch the covers and bind them. These custom binding covers can replace traditional linen covers and plastic covers. The customization ability makes it compelling alternative.

Let’s review the options available today?

Bookbinders have found numerous ingenious ways to bind books over the centuries. From traditional Chinese book binding, to limp vellum, there’s always been more than one way to skin a cat. But in today’s world of modern technology, we are able to create some of the most efficient and cost effective book binding machines ever made. Some of the most commonly used techniques for bookbinding today include:

  • Wire binding

This method is quick and convenient and is great for documents such as annual reports, owner’s manuals, and software manuals.

  • Comb binding

Comb binding is a cheap and efficient way to bind your documents. It also allows you to take apart your documents, meaning you could replace or take pages out as your business dictates.

  • VeloBind

This is a great option if you want to permanently bind together your documents. It is primarily used in business, legal documents, and small publications.

  • Spiral Binding or Coil Binding

Spiral binding is the best option for publications that need to be opened back on themselves without breaking the spine.

  • Thermal binding

This method uses glue and a thermal heating system to glue together the pages of your documents. Some of them give you the option to remove pages by reheating and pulling out the page that you want to remove.

There are multiple methods for document finishing, MasterBind USA is a new system that offers an alternative with custom covers. It also allows companies to use their existing coil or wire machines without adding much cost.


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