UV Coater and Roll Lamination help tell a story in print

Let Print Tell Your Story

print tells a story with UV coaters and roll laminationI talk a lot about the difference between print and screens. People read paper, but people only scan screens. Even looking at pictures on a screen pale in comparison to actually having a physical photo in front of you. A touch of a specialty roll lamination or a matte or gloss finish off your UV coater tells a different story than a what a screen can do. Help your customers tell their story.

The new smartphones out there take great Panoramas. Yet, when you look at them on the screen, they just don’t have the same impact to the eye than when they are printed on paper. On paper, you can take a moment to actually look at the picture. On a screen, you may identify it, but it does not have the same impact. Studies show that people will scan a screen rather than actually engage with an image. That panorama shot works great in the center of a brochure. It’s part of the story being told.

Yes, it is part of the marketer to create the story. Print does the best job of telling the story. Even paper books are still more popular than electronic books. Sales of paper books are even up over eBooks.

So, how can a customer tell their story? Here are some of the items that can work:

  • Catalogs
  • Wall Posters
  • Brochures
  • Photo-booklets
  • Branded questionnaires
  • Industry Specific Resource Material

Colorful, Touch, Clever Print

Here is where your print finishing equipment in your office can help. There is some fantastic specialty roll lamination that customers should consider using. D&K has some interesting overlaminate film like Textured, Canvas, Sandtext to name a few. Many of these over-laminate films have unique touch and textures to add more to the senses. Something a web screen is unable to do.

Even using UV coatings like matte or gloss adds not only a sense of touch but brings out the colors of the photo or print in its storytelling. Your UV coater is a powerful tool for helping tell a story. If cleverly designed, it will force the individual to actually read and engage versus scan and run.

Let their web marketing generate interest, but let their print tell an engaging story that makes them stop and take notice. The power of print is real.

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