UV Print Finishing On The Rise

Boasting a double-digit growth in the last 10 years, UV coating technologies have reached rock star-like popularity with both customers and print professionals.

And, as is the case with rock stars, they have their raving fans, cautious observers, and critics.

Enter cold, hard data: Nothing like black-and-white stats to pull back the curtain and give us a snapshot of the reality behind the buzz.

A survey by Products Finishing magazine did just that, revealing some interesting insights into the impact of UV technology on the print industry

First, some background: The survey compiled input from 137 respondents, 42 percent of which were owners, managers, engineers, and chemists in the industrial finishing realm. Remaining respondents were shop floor workers and other job shop personnel.

The majority of respondents (62 percent) affirmed they would “definitely” or “probably” consider investing in UV technology within the next five years, with 40 percent identifying production speed as the single greatest benefit. Performance and cost/energy savings came next, with 23 and 18 percent of responses, respectively.

Curiously, just seven percent of participants indicated they would not invest in UV in the next five years, identifying a lack of knowledge about the technology or implementation expenses as their rationale.

What does that mean for you?

Consumers demanding high-gloss, low-cost print finishing — even green printing — can now turn to a growing number of your competitors who have embraced UV coating technologies.

And because these early UV adopters are equipped to deliver slick, green printing faster and at lower costs, it’s harder to justify the slower turnaround, lower quality and higher costs associated with other alternatives.

Where do you fit in the picture? Consider that, by resisting the UV coating wave, you may be missing out on opportunities to boost your ROI and your customers’.

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