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Busting UV Coating & Print Finishing Myths

Is UV Coating Dangerous and Expensive?uv coating fluid by revo coatings

In today’s information age, accurate information can be a moving target. The result is sometimes business leaders will make strategic decisions based on myths rather than facts, wasting both profit and productivity opportunities.

Take print finishing technologies, for instance: With UV coating’s popularity on the rise (double-digit growth in the last 10 years, in fact), misinformation abounds. Throw green printing concerns in the mix (plus the health of your pocketbook), and it’s no wonder many of you are confused.

UV Coating myths abound and we thought we would take a look at 2 of them that are of concerns:

Myth One: UV Materials are Dangerous

The reality? UV coatings are actually much less toxic than solvent-based and even some water-based coatings. What’s more, it boasts low toxicity, emits little or no volatile compounds into the atmosphere, is not regulated as hazardous waste and does not cause cancer, as previously thought.

In addition to not being absorbed through the skin, UV materials have very low vapor pressures, which means you’re unlikely to inhale the stuff. In other reports, we read UV coatings can even be recycled as a “mixed waste.”

Now, if you don’t get the right brand, it can smell which is why we generally recommend one brand of UV Coating Fluid. REVO Coatings has a low odor and high finish at a great cost to other brands.

Bottom line? UV coating is safe.

Myth Two: UV Equipment is Too Expensive

It’s the typical technology scenario: A new equipment comes out on the market, and, over time, prices drop as it becomes more commonplace. Likewise, UV equipment costs have dropped significantly in the last few years.

Pricing aside, it’s interesting to note that UV’s fast, no-heat drying capabilities require less space and less energy, which invariably translates into increased uptime, productivity, and profits (plus lower inventories, to boot).

Lloyds of Indiana carries Tech Lighting machines and American Ultraviolet Machines in multiple sizes. We also offer entry-level UV Coating machines for less than $15,000 — a very fair investment for the costs savings and versatility it provides.

As we dig into industry reports like Gary’s, we find UV coating consistently comes out on top as the most economical and environmentally safe print finishing solution.

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