XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System

Now Is Time to Buy UV Coating Machine: Tec Lighting Sale

If you have been considering purchase a UV coating machine for your print shop, now is a good time to do it. Graph Expo happens annually in Chicago. It’s usually a good time to purchase the machine you have been considering. Tec Lighting has announced its 2015 Graph Expo special. It’s pretty good.

The are offering:

  • $500 OFF Handfed UV Coating Xtracoat and TruCoat machines
  • $1000 OFF Autofeed TruCoat machines

In addition, you also get

  • UV Starter Kt – a $650 value

Now, depending on where you are located, this can be big savings for you.

Purchase from Lloyds of Indiana, you get lifetime support on your UV coating machine from us. We will help you keep it running at top performance and always be available for repairs if needed.

UV Coating Machines gives you the ability to provide customers with cheaper options on document finishing. UV Coating can costs pennies on the dollar in finishing compared to other more expensive options. That’s why it is great for direct mail, business cards or brochures.

Don’t forget. we carry a great low odor UV coating fluid for your ongoing operation. Revo Coatings provides a high quality finish with little or no odor in the application or on the finished product.

Any questions? Call Scott at 877-626-6848. He can even help you arrange to finance if you need it.

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