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Print Media and Millennials

Jennifer Grace writes a great article on how to reach the Millennials through print.cellphone

We often hear the notion that print is dead. While we all agree that the
Millennial Generation spends a lot of time on their phones, they still interact with print media. Studies have shown that reading from a screen does not have the same impact on people has reading from paper. Students who read from books retain more information than books read from a screen.

Naturally, the same applies with marketing print materials. Millennials do interact with print. It has to be good and it still needs to catch their eye. One of the surprising points she makes is that 75% of millennials have responded to direct mail. A topic we have brought up here many times as an opportunity for growth.

Her top 10 list includes the following to consider:

  1. No matter what your generation is, studies conclude that the printed word promotes brain activity and memory retention (see article: Say What? Millennials Prefer Print Over Virtual Media).
  2. We care about personal expression. We don’t really care in which form it comes in. For Millennials, the message is more important than the delivery.
  3. We are most engaged by multichannel marketing. A combination of print and digital is key.
  4. It’s important to reach us through our values. Otherwise, you’re just another one of the bazillion advertisements we’ve seen in a day.
  5. 75% of my generation has purchased something as a result of direct mail marketing
  6. Our generation is full of media and advertisements every time we turn around. We really don’t like to be sold We’d much rather be educated about.
  7. We love print for entertainment and education. If you utilize those two things in your print marketing you are more likely to engage us.
  8. When done right, print has more buying power for us because to us it’s a more believable and authentic source. Check out the article: Most Millennials’ Store Choices Influenced by Print Media
  9. More than any other generation we desire an opportunity to interact with your brand. This is how the QR code became so popular to begin with.
    10. We want to hear your story. Create a believable and enjoyable world for us by uniting your print and digital and you will make lifelong customers out of us.

Ask yourself, can you meet the demand for print to target millennials for your customers? Have you considered how to do it?

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