Royal Sovereign 15” Table Top High Capacity Roll Laminator

If you are a small print shop or a UPS Store, having the ability to do laminating projects can give you more revenue opportunities. You may think that a roll laminator is out of your budget, or that it may take too much counter space. The Royal Sovereign 15” Table Top Roll Laminator fits both your budget and does not require a lot of space to operate.

Let’s get the cost question out of the way. The Royal Sovereign RSH380SL 15” Roll Laminator is $1659.00.

What does that give you?

If you are a small print shop. It gives you a quick ROI on your $1,659.00 investment. Most laminating jobs start with a $20 setup. On average, if you are using 3 mil gloss on 8.5 x 11, your laminating cost to your customer is going to run between .50-.60 sets a sheet. Your costs should be very low, so your profit should be pretty high provided you do not have a lot of wastes. So, you are looking at about 20 projects at an average of $150 to pay off your machine.

What can you laminate?

The 15” laminator is pretty versatile. You can laminate anything from:

  • Menus
  • Pop-up Graphics
  • Business Cards
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Marketing Materials
  • Promo Cards

Having the laminator gives you the ability to offer so much more to your customers now and the cost is minimal to recover.

Machine Specs:

•15″ wide table top high capacity thermal roll laminator
•Large film roll capacity (up to 7.9″ diameter)
•De-curling device for high quality laminating
•Double and single (OPP film) laminating function
•Laminates thermal films up to 15” wide
•Fast laminating speeds of up to 14.8’ per minute
•Digital controls with 9-speed settings
•Silicone rubber hot rollers help deliver the perfect finish
•Simple set-up with one button operation
•Auto-grip core hubs for fast and easy roll changes

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