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How To Plan For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign For Clients.

Planning is important for any business. My Dad pounded into my brain how important it is to have a plan. He also told me you have to have a system. Most important, never do a half a job. Direct Mail campaigns need to have all these approaches to be successful.postcard coated with uv coating from REVO Coatings


First and foremost, you need to help your customer prepare their direct mail campaign. Create a checklist for them to follow to ensure they are successful in their campaign. Here are some things they need to do to prepare including:


  • Gathering their mail list
  • Deciding what type of mail piece they want to send:
    • Catalog
    • Brochure
    • Direct Mail to Web Promotion
    • Coupon Promotion
    • Postcard
    • Catalog
    • Brochure
    • Direct Mail to Web Promotion
    • Coupon Promotion

Design Promotionroll laminating film postcard

What does your customer’s audience want to do? It is important to take the time with them to understand the big picture of what they want to begin the process of designing their campaign.

  • Who is their target audience?
  • What is going to get them to take action?
  • Will they call? Will they go to a web page? Will they take a coupon to a store? How do they behave?

Content Creation

Here is the fun part. There are so many ways to create content for your customers. You can offer them postcards protected with UV coating fluid or use an over laminate with unique touch characteristics.

  • What content will move them to action?
  • Does the content appeal to your audience? If your target is women, are they more likely to use coupons? Or, will the sign up for deals on a web page if directed?
  • Should you offer UV coating or over laminate?
  • Personalization is always effective in both direct mail and e-mail marketing.

Consistent Delivery

Make sure their direct mail piece is consistent with their brand
It may take several mailings before action is taken by prospects.
Ensure that spelling is correct, images are perfect and presentation is impeccable.

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