NexGen 2000 Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine: The Final Print Finish Process

A shrink wrap machine has many uses for many industries. In the print finish market, it can be the final process for a print shop owner. It provides protection in shipping your stack of printed cards, brochures or point of sale displays.

Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturers

The primary manufacturer that works well for print shops is Nexgen. They have high end machines to do stacks at a time. Depending on the size and volume pricing varies for a shrink wrap machine.

2000 Series Shrink Wrap System (2000 Series Shrink Wrap Machine)shrinkwrap2000

The 2000 series shrink wrap system is a simple approach to shrink wrapping your finished projects. It comes in 5 different sized models starting with:

The system is perfect for small and medium jobs requiring no warm up time. It comes with heavy duty heat gun for sealing. You can wrap projects of almost any size.

Nexgen-2000 One-step Shrink Wrap SystemNexGen 2000 Shrink Wrap Machine

If you need a more automated solution, the next step up is the Nexgen 2000. It includes a micro perforator that disengages easily not requiring a separate tunnel. This saves space. Adjusting it is quick so downtime is limited in between your different packages. It makes shrink wrapping easy for one person to operate the machine.

Lloyds carries both models and the shrink wrap supplies and parts that go with them.

Shrink wrap ensures your project to customers is done with little or no damage during shipment.

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