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Roll Laminating Film or UV Coating for Book Covers?

Price is not the only thing that should determine whether you should use roll laminating film or a uv coating machine.  While price is a consideration, costs shift depending on how large the run is you are doing.picture of a calendar made from print finish machines at lloydsofindiana.com

Roll laminating film is best for short, simple runs.

A short run is by definition something that is less than 1,000 pieces like internal reports, white papers or conference materials. Laminating film is both less expensive and durable for short runs. Plus, you will find that firms like D&K Roll Lamination comes in many styles and touches from gloss, matte to luster and canvas.

There are advantages to uv coating too. It tends to stick better to solid ink coverage. It can give you a better quality finish on more complex covers. Basically, if you’re doing a lot of photo or full-color covers like trade books or short run consumer publications.

UV Coating for Bigger Runs

UV coating provides significant savings on larger run projects of 5,000 or more.  If long-term durability isn’t a primary concern, then you’ll find most of your clients clamoring for the savings that UV coating can offer.

UV coating is also capable of doing spot coverage – meaning you can cover as much or as little of the print surface as you want. This lets you create varied textures or highlight certain areas like text. So, if your clients tend to lean towards contemporary printing effects or complex jobs, UV coating equipment is going to give you that flexibility.

It is good to offer both services. There are times where laminating film gets the job done for your clients and there are times that uv coating may be all you need. For shorter run projects, laminating film provides a durable and cost effective approach to covers. Larger runs, uv coating is more cost effective with substantial savings over roll laminating film.


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