Paper Jogger Whips Those Papers Into Shape

formax fd402P1 Paper joggerYou have run a print project and your paper while stacked, just isn’t conforming to the requirements of a nice neat pile. What to do? You need a paper jogger of course.

The Formax FD 402P1 Paper Jogger is the magical machine that makes your sealing, sorting, cutting or folding job go faster. At the same time, it helps keeps your costs down by minimizing waste and speeding up your project.

What Does it Do?

What does a paper jogger do? In the simplest of terms, it vibrates and shakes up the paper to get them in line. You are thinking, OK….so what? All that movement actually reduces static electricity and ensures the paper is squared up and properly aligned. It means no more misaligned or off-centered print jobs and no more stacks of paper stuck together. It really is a beautiful thing.

The Formax FD 402P1 is a single bin paper jogger, making it the smallest of the Formax jogger series. But, it’s still powerful – it can handle up to 1 ½ reams (up to 800 sheets) of 20# paper and up to 8 ½” x 14” legal.

The Formax FD 402P1 is also elegant. You can train anyone to use it. It has a simple on/off switch that requires no special training or complex manuals. The user just has to flip, jog and feed.

And How Much Does it Cost?

Customers can pick up the Formax FD 402P1 for $900 on the Lloyd’s of Indiana website. Lloyd’s extended warranty options are also available.

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