Are You Doing Digital Printing? You Need A Paper Creaser

Are you still hanging on to your old scoring machine?

If you are moving away from off-set printing to doing everything digital, you need to consider getting a paper creaser. Paper creasers like the MBM iCrease EXCEL or the iCrease AIR are built specifially to help with your digital finishing.

Here is the challenge, with a digital print document, a scoring machine has a tendency to pull on the document. With digital print, there is not much give in the paper and the ink to withstand any agitation. If you have run your digital print through a uv coating machine, the uv coating is even less giving. Uv coating is a hard surface, so there is no give if you are using a scoring machine.

Here are examples in the difference. The following picture is a uv coated brochure that was scored after it was coated. You can see the result of the scoring as there is tearing where it is folded.

The next image is an example of a uv coated brochure that was run through an iCrease AIR, the brochere folds with no tearing of the fold at all. The paper creaser did its job.

For perfect digitally printed brochures every time, use a paper creaser for the job of setting your fold. Check out the MBM iCrease line of paper creasers. They have a very easy user interface that requires little  technical ability to use. They produce the perfect crease for your digitally printed and uv coated documents.


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