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Commercial Laminators: Give Your Customers Some Flexibility

Commercial laminators provide a lot of flexibility for you in print finishing. The greatest challenge today in marketing is standing out from all the noise that is out there. People are visually over stimulated with smart phone notifications, emails, web pages, text messages and video. How can your customers stand out with all these distractions?

Your commercial laminator can help you help them. One area of marketing that is being explored is touch. Direct mail pieces that stick out from your mailbox are the ones that have a unique touch. Touch is a sense that can stimulate action. So, grab a pile of direct mail pieces and feel the different textures in your hand. What you will find is the laminated or uv coated pieces will stick out.

D&K commercial laminators gives you multiple options for producing excellent marketing materials using some of their commerical roll lamination. The D&K Brilliance line of roll lamination provides a variety of textures to stimulate the touch. In addition, their application brings out the “brilliance” of colors in the final product.
D&K Brilliance Gloss UV Vinyl Laminate

Gloss (UV) Vinyl – 3 mil

This gloss finish is a bright glossy finish. It does a great job of pulling out the colors in the document. It has UV inhibitors which provides your document protection from indirect sunlight and indoor lighting. It hardly feels like the document is laminated, nor does it look like lamination.

D&K Brilliance Luster Vinyl UV Pressure Sensitive Laminate

Luster (UV) Vinyl – 3 mil

Luster is a blend of gloss and matte. There is very little reflection off the laminate. There are times when the low glare finish is needed. Luster makes the document appear elegant and rich. The really cool thing is it does not look like the document is laminated.


Matte (UV) Vinyl – 3 mil

D&K Brilliance Pressure Sensitive UV Matte Vinyl Laminate

Matte is a perfect application to soften your image and reduce glare. Again, the application does not feel like you have a laminate over your document. A great application of the matte lamination is trade show signage where glare from overhead lighting can become an issue. Like all the pressure sensitive Brilliance line, the UV inhibitors help protect images from indirect sunlight and indoor lighting.


Canvas (UV) Vinyl – 4 mil

Want to make an image look like a painting? The Canvas lamination makes a picture look like it is on canvas. It has thereflection of the luster lamination as a blend of gloss and matte.D&K Brilliance Pressure Sensitive UV Canvas Vinyl Laminate

Marketing is about triggering the senses. The sense of touch plays a part in direct mail, post cards, coupon cards and or trade show marketing material.  The touch on these finishes will help your clients stand out from other marketing material that is placed in their hands.

You can find all the D&K Brilliance line of roll lamination for your commercial laminators here.


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