UV Coating for the WIN!

The True Benefits of UV Coating & UV Coaters

The Quality is in the Coating…

Using uv coating on your printed products allows for colors to become more vibrant and rich. For example, all of your printed materials with blues or blacks in them will allow for a nearly wet-like appearance. Coating your products with a uv coater is one of the most effective (and efficient) ways to create beautiful, finely finished products.

Document Mailing without the Damage…

Do you print a lot of products that are mailed for your customers? Well, as your customer’s documents travel from post office to post man to post man to post office to their consumers, the document may become damaged or warped or even destroyed as it makes its journey. Using uv coating on your printed documents provides durable, damage-resistant products without lacking any visual appearance! Additionally, products that are uv coated are resistant to smudging and marking which allows for not only your customers professional presentations to look great, but yours as well.

Go Green, Stay Clean…

With regulation worries, an over taxation applying, uv coating provides an outlet for business owners to print and finish responsibly. UV coatings are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs when cured. This basically means 2 things:

1 – You’ll get a great PR value with not only your current customers (and the general public), but you’ll also get a distinct marketing edge as well for presenting to newer clients.

2 – You are taking the correct steps to help save the environment, and going green is staying clean.

Finishing your printed products with a uv coating system has now become more efficient than ever. ‘And with the overall high-quality, fast output of a uv coater, uv coating has never been easier.

Watch the video below to see just how fast the XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System (without lacking any quality) really is…

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