America Coats w/XtraCoat

With the intense demand for American print-finishers to remain competitive and productive, uv coating systems have started a new trend with the way finely printed products are now finished. Due to the overwhelming efficiency of a uv coating system, such as the XtraCoat Mini UV Coater, print finishers can start saving on coating costs daily by switching to a uv coating system. While having the options of apply high-gloss, matte or satin coatings to finish your printed products, print shops can now offer high-quality printing at affordable prices for their customers.

As American printing shops and American print-finishers are converting from their older, worn down machines that are bad for the environment, the XtraCoat UV Coating systems offered by produce ZERO VOC’s when operated! Not only are printing shops and finishers saving on the costs of production by switching to one of the many XtraCoat UV coating machines, but they are also taking responsibility for their environment into their own hands…

XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System

The XtraCoat Mini UV Coating System allows for both digital and offset printing to be coated with a high-gloss, matte or satin finish. This UV Coating System is sleek, compact and efficient. It produces NO VOC’s, and is enviornmentally friendly. This is a great solution for any office or production facility. Now you produce high luster business cards and post cards fast and economically.


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