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As consumers today are searching for more local and American made products, laminating machines and other laminating equipment has been difficult to find. However, we’ve managed to locate several different types of laminating machines, laminators and additional laminating equipment that is produced and sold right here in the United States of America.

Our favorite laminator/laminating provider is Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. They offer a wide range of American made laminators and have an excellent selection of American educational laminators both heated (thermal) and pouch types of laminating machines. Below is just a small a summary of what offers for competitive, American laminating machines and American laminating solutions.

American Pouch Laminators

Banner American PL4A Pouch Laminator
The Banner American PL4 pouch laminator is ideal for laminating ID cards and badges, membership cards, luggage tags, etc. Laminate up to 4″ wide and as thick as 10 mil pouches! The PL4 Features a 4 roller system to provide the highest quality laminating results. Easy to operate and a short warm up time make this laminating machine one of the best selling pouch laminators. The PL4 has been the consumer choice for many years.

Banner American PL135-4 Pouch Laminator
The PL135-4 pouch laminator is perfect for laminating ID cards and badges, membership cards, luggage tags, etc. In addition to cards,The Banner American PL135-4 will laminate larger documents up to 12″ x 18″, or A3 in size.

American Heated/Roll/Educational Laminators

Banner American Entry 4500
The ENTRY 4500 Laminating and Mounting machine is the ideal laminator for large-format imaging services. The ENTRY 4500 is capable of mounting, laminating and encapsulating output from 36″, 42″ and 44″ inkjet printers. Affordable and functional, the ENTRY 4500 is loaded with features important in giving you the highest level of results for each and every project.

The ENTRY 4500 Laminating/Mounting machine offers carefully designed features intended to quickly get you up and profitably running without the added expense of more advanced machines. The easy-to-use design makes the operator’s job simpler.

25″ Ledco Educator Laminator

The 25″ Ledco Educator laminator 110V / 220V is designed for teachers to protect and enhance posters, dry erase charts, flash cards, bulletin board graphics, games, visuals and teaching aids of all kinds.

The Ledco Educator offers simplified controls to help eliminate many common errors often associated with complicated thermal laminators. With added options for use with 1.5 mil, 3 mil and 5 mil the Ledco Educator laminator 110V / 220V is designed to handle and produce a multitude of projects with ease for the many requirements that face today’s teachers.

For more American made laminating machines, laminating equipment or laminators; or for any American made binding machines, American uv coaters and supplies or other print finishing needs please visit and review their “Made in America” section of their web site.

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