Fargo / HID ID Badge Printers!

If you’re looking for a high-quality Fargo ID Badge printer or if you’re in need of a new Fargo/HID ID Badge printer system then visit lloydsofindiana.com today and save!

Fargo HDP 5000 ID Printer – This id printer is an excellent choice when it comes to high-definition id badge printing. From being an easily upgradeable id printer, the HDP 5000 can be extended from a standard id printer to include: dual side id printing, overlaminate printing and even magnetic encoding.

If you’re looking for the best quality and ID extensibility, then the Fargo HDP 5000 ID Printer may be the right choice for you!

Fargo DTC 400e ID Printer – This id printer is a solid id printing solution for workhouses and other production facilities that have a dusty environment. With a modular design, the DTC 400e ID Printer can be a long-lasting solution to your ID printing needs. This ID Printer also has upgrades to feature dual side id printing and over-laminate id printing.

For extended durability and quality performance, the Fargo DTC 400e is a safe and secure investment for an all-environment id badge printing solution.

Fargo DTC 550 ID Printer – This ID Printer is great for high-volume output; if you print large numbers of id badges, then this is the ID badge printer for you! Aside from its fast output (around 7 seconds per id card), this id printer can be used in multi-location printing applications. For example, with just a simple Ethernet connection you could be printing IDs from several locations without the mess of running around to each id printer.

If your looking for multiple id printers, or a single id printer with high-output, then the Fargo DTC 550 ID Printer may right choice for your company’s id printing needs.

For more information about ID Badge Printers or id badge printer supplies visit lloydsofindiana.com today and save on your next id printing project!

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  1. Is there 100% accuracy to print the id cards by a is badge printer and what about the quality ?

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