Low-Cost Event Posters

Here in Indianapolis, and I imagine in most communities in the U.S., we host a number of events, festivals and community gatherings. Every one of them advertises with posters. Some shell out the money for big, glossy, offset-printed posters, others opt for cheaper black and white posters. But, the smart ones print less and for less by ordering posters printed using ultraviolet printing on the Legend 72HUV wide format printer.

Why ultraviolet printing?

  • You can do shorter runs. Unlike offset color printing where you have to print thousands of posters to make it worth your while, UV printing lets you do short runs for a lot less. This is great news for small festivals or neighborhood-specific events that don’t need 1,000 color posters.
  • You can easily do venue or event-specific posters. Because of the run-size limitations of offset printing, most festivals opt for single, generic posters that try to cover every single event and happening. With the Legend 72HUV printer, you can afford to print color posters for each and every separate event and venue while still maintaining your festival brand identity.
  • Go bigger (much bigger) and for cheaper. Ultraviolet printing has opened the door to affordable large-format printing. You don’t have to limit your event posters to 17 x 22. Now you can afford that massive, full-color banner or full wall wash.
  • Multi-surface printing. Event posters don’t have to be printed on paper. Because ultraviolet printing can be done on almost any substrate or surface, you can print your event details on Gator boards, plywood, plastic sheeting and a wide range of other surfaces. This option is even more useful when it comes to signage at the event itself and because you can print over materials, you can reuse signs year after year.

Even if you’re not an event or festival in Central Indiana, there are still ways to find this technology in your area. Contact us at (877) 626-6848, and we’ll be happy to locate a ultraviolet printing-capable sign shop in your area.

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