How a Wide Format Printer Can Increase Print Shop Profitability

As a distributor and fan of wide format printers like the Legend 72HUV UV curable printer/a>, I can’t help but be excited about all the different things this printer can do.

For one thing, it can make a print shop more profitable. Not just because it’s a new piece of equipment with some great benefits and cool features, like printing with ultraviolet curable ink, or specialty sign printing.

We’re actually seeing a lot of cut sheet/sheet-fed printers switch to wide format printing, because they can offer their customers so much more.

For one thing, you can run small signs on the Legend 72HUV. Rather than turning away large print formats, you can now accept poster print jobs for theaters and bands, signs for special events, and even specialty projects like 11×17 brochures.

We have a customer in Ohio who said that as a sheet-fed printer, he has to run $10,000 of sheet fed paper just to make $1,000 in profit. That’s because his margins are already so low, and he’s losing a lot of profit in labor and production costs.

But if he were to switch over to a wide format printer, he would only need to do $2,000 in printing to make $1,000 profit.

Because the wide format printer is so new, and is very inexpensive compared to other printing equipment, if you can add a 20% – 30% margin, you can pay for the machine in a year. (And 40% margins are not unheard of with this printer either.)

If you’re interested in more information on the Legend 72HUV wide format printer, visit us at, or call us at (877) 626-6848.

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