How Visual Artists Can Promote and Sell Their Work With Ultraviolet Printing

We have a thriving arts community here in Indianapolis. Visual artists, dancers, writers, actors, musicians all comprise one of the best arts communities here in the Midwest. We have a monthly arts/gallery walk on the first Friday of every month called — what else? — First Friday. And everywhere you walk there are flyers, printed posters, and postcards inviting us to attend their next gallery showing.

Artists are an ideal user for the Legend 72HUV wide format printer. This ultraviolet ink printer is capable of producing eye-popping graphics, filled with vivid colors and sharp detail. Any artist who is currently making color photocopies at their local copy shop or printing flyers on their desktop computer at home is doing themselves a disservice.

Here are a few ways you can promote your art with ultraviolet printing technology.

  • Prints: For you digital artists and photographers, rather than paying for high-cost prints on traditional paper, consider using an unusual medium like plywood or even foam core board. We have used our printer to print signs on plywood, gator board, vinyl, and even a door. So, sure we can do high-gloss paper, but make your art really stand out by printing on something no one else has.
  • Posters: This is especially crucial for you visual artists who show some of your work in your promotional posters. Create special posters for your upcoming exhibits, or commemorative posters for family and friends. Gallery owners, take note. This is something for you to consider too.
  • Flyers: The nice thing about a wide-format printer is that you can run several 8.5 x 11 flyers on one big sheet. This can bring down the per piece cost for running full-color flyers, especially if you’re printing to high-gloss paper or if you need to print to both sides.
  • Prints for Sale: This is especially important for painters. Now you can sell prints of your work for $50 – $75 apiece, while your original paintings are going for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. This helps promote your art, creates additional fans, and gets your art into the hands of more people.
  • Postcards: Hopefully you’ve been collecting a mailing list of people who visit your exhibitions. If so, send postcards inviting people to your upcoming exhibits with a variable data postcard — not only do you put their name and address on the postcard, but you can even add a personalized message to your favorite patrons.

Thanks to the latest developments in printing technology, there’s no reason artists shouldn’t use this as a way to promote and produce their art. If you would like more information, you can call us at (877) 626-6848, or find us at

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