Great Sign Ideas for Realtors

Traditionally, large-format printing had to be done in either bulk or at great expense for a single sign. The cost was so high that full color wasn’t even a consideration. Now, with ultraviolet printing, UV-equipped printers can do single real estate signs at prices that are affordable.

That means you can create large, sharp, full color signs for each of your properties without breaking your marketing budget. So, now that the technology’s available, what are you going to do with it?

Include full-color photographs

Instead of pointing house hunters to a website or a phone number, use ultraviolet printing and large-format signs to actually show them inside the house. This is your chance to create sharp, bright, full-color signage with space for interior photos, so use it.

Go durable

Outdoor real estate signs need to be able to withstand the elements. Ultraviolet printing is ideal for outdoor use and can last much longer than many vinyls and laminates without fading or cracking. Ask your printer about special UV coatings and outdoor applications.

Make a large-format flyer

By replicating the photographs and information typically printed on a flyer, your poster will minimize flyer usage. Most Realtors would recommend keeping the flyer box as a way of providing curious buyers with a takeaway item, but a large format poster will cut down on waste, satisfy the curiosity of most passers-by and reduce the time and money spent refilling your boxes.

Print directly on any hard surface

One of the biggest benefits of ultraviolet printing is that you can create real estate signs on almost any surface. For example, a properly equipped print shop could even do a full color print right on a property’s front door (note: you’ll have to replace the door before you close). The point is, you can get creative – printing on sign posts, old signage and classic bulletins without being limited to a single color.

We once printed on a full-size door with our Legend 72HUV wide format printer, so we now it could be done. Imagine printing an interior shot of what’s behind the door on the door.

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