Low-Cost Posters for Bands

You’re in a band, you have a gig almost every other week and you’re spending a fortune on posters. Or, you’re headed out on tour and you’re shipping out generic posters with a blank space at the bottom so the promoter can fill out the show information by hand…with a Sharpie…maybe…if she gets around to it. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, for one, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Wide format ultraviolet printing lets bands and musicians do short runs of massive, full color posters for a fraction of the cost of offset printing or silkscreening. Instead of photocopied, black and white, Office Depot specials, you can actually afford real posters that command attention with punch and color.

Traditionally, color posters were out of reach because you either had to shell out $2 for color copies (that look terrible) or order a run of thousands to even make it worth your while. And unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re not going to do that for each and every individual show.

Now, thanks to wide-format ultraviolet printing technology, color posters can be done cheaply, quickly and in small quantities. You need 20 posters for the gig in Spokane and 300 for the one in Brooklyn and you want them both to list the specific show information, including openers? No problem.

With ultraviolet printing, you can also do full color printing on almost any surface. You’re not just limited to paper posters. Bring your bass drum head in, we can print on it. Bring your guitar in (sans strings) and we can probably print on that too. Heck, bring the door to your jam space in, we can print on it! It also means you can do your posters on vinyl, plywood, Gator board, plastic sheeting and almost any other surface you can dream up.

Even if you’re not a band in Central Indiana, there are still ways to find this technology in your area. Contact us at (877) 626-6848, and we’ll be happy to locate a Legend 72HUV sign shop capable of doing ultraviolet printing and posters in your area. We can also ship to you

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