Formax FD 442 Envelope Opener

Introducing the Formax FD 442 Envelope Opener

Does your company receive a ton of mail every day? Are you a celebrity with thousands of fan letters arriving each week? Does mail seem to pile up relentlessly before you have a chance to open it?

Then you need to take a look at the all new FD 442 Envelope Opener from Formax.

A letter opener on steroids that brought its gym buddies

Formax FD 442 Envelope Opener
Formax FD 442 Envelope Opener

The FD 442 Envelope Opener does just what it says, opens envelopes. Lots of envelopes. With speeds up to 200 per minute, your mail will be ready to read or distribute in no time flat.

How does it work?

Step 1) Place a stack of about 15 envelopes on the infeed side of the machine.

Step 2) There is no step 2. Your envelopes are already opened.

The FD 442 employs a photo sensor eye which automatically starts the feeder when it detects envelopes placed on the machine and then stops when all mail has been opened, ready to tear through another stack.

The innovative cutting mechanism slits one side of the envelope from end to end so the contents are left undamaged, with no messy paper scraps to clean up. The self-adjusting feed mechanism adapts to various envelope thicknesses, up to 4mm (3/6”) thick. And the unit can handle up to 10” x 13” flat envelopes with the integrated infeed extension.

Retire the old letter opener

Whatever the reason, you need to process a LOT of mail. You owe it to yourself to check out the new Formax FD 442 Envelope Opener. Your fingers will thank you.

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