Industrial Cross Cut Makes the Big Jobs Easy

If your company has particular security concerns, in addition to high shredding needs, you’ll want to look at the Formax Industrial Cross Cut Shredder. It’s a high-capacity and high-speed cross cut shredder designed for large offices with large-scale shredding needs.

What Does it Do?
Instead of making a strip cut, the Formax Industrial Cross Cut Shredder shreds the paper in multiple directions, making it almost impossible to ever piece back together. Though slightly slower than the strip cut model, the Formax Cross Cut can handle up to 90 pieces of paper at once at a rate of 40 feet per minute.

In addition to paper, this industrial-grade power shredder can inhale and destroy CDs, old disks, tapes, cardboard and stacks of forms. And like its strip-cut cousin, the Formax Industrial Cross Cut Shredder features a simple EvenFlow automatic oiling system that keeps the blades well-oiled and cutting and chomping at optimum efficiency.

And How Much Does it Cost?
The Formax Industrial Cross Cut Shredder sells for $11007.05 on the Lloyds website and like most Formax shredders, it comes with a 10-year warranty on the cutting heads and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.

For more information on the Formax Industrial Cross Cut Shredder, visit our website.

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