Top of the Line Commercial Paper Shredders

A friend of mine is an accountant for a large law firm in Seattle that used to use a mobile shredding service. Over the course of 4 years, they paid that company close to $16,000 to shred and haul their sensitive documents on an ongoing basis.

It was an impressive figure, especially considering they could have bought their own industrial shredder for closer to $10,000 and operated it for a lot less than the difference and for a lot longer. In addition, their sensitive or confidential documents would be destroyed in-house.

formax-shredderWhat Does a Commercial Paper Shredder Do Exactly?
Yes, it’s pretty simple, industrial or commercial paper shredders shred paper. But these units are significantly larger and more powerful than anything you’ll find at Staples.

A basic industrial shredder can handle upwards of 90 sheets of paper at once, making mincemeat out of 40-50 feet of paper every minute. A standard, entry-level shredder weighs around 600-800 pounds and is about the size of a large photocopier. These are machines built to do one thing really well – shred.

What Types Do You Have?
Lloyds of Indiana sells 4 models of top of the line commercial paper shredders, ranging from an entry-level powerhouse at just under $10,000 to a baling beast at $44,195.

The Formax FD 8802SC Strip-Cut can handle 50 feet of paper per minute and up to 125 sheets at once. It even chews through CDs and magnetic disks.

The Formax FD 8802CC Cross Cut may only take up to 90 sheets at a time (covering 40 feet in a minute), but the cross-cut unit has dual cutting action that makes it next to impossible to piece a shredded document back together.

The Formax 8902 Industrial Conveyor Shredder is a beast that can swallow up to 650 sheets at once. It even comes with an optional conveyor chute belt that will ferry the shredded materials to a waiting waste bin.

Finally, the Formax 8902 Conveyor/Baler Shredder. This massive unit takes up to 650 sheets, turning them into compact bales for clean and easy disposal.

So, How Much?
The industrial/commercial paper shredders at Lloyds range in price from $9775.00 (the Formax FD8802SC) to $44,195.75 (the Formax 8902). They’re big machines designed to tackle big jobs and while they definitely represent a hefty capital investment, they’re significantly cheaper and more secure than hiring outside service providers.

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