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Rejuvenate Your Rollers to Save Yourself Time and Money

Rubber rollers are used in a wide variety of office and print shop equipment, such as printers, paper folders and creasers, document inserters, etc. Basically, if the machine feeds paper through itself, it has rollers inside. As the rubber rollers age or wear, they may become hard or stiff. A sure sign of roller wear is an increase in paper misfeeds and slipping through the machine.

If the rollers get too bad, you have no option but to replace them, an often costly repair job. What can you do to extend the life of the rollers? Try some Rubber Rejuvenator.

Before you replace old rollers, spray a little Rubber Rejuvenator on them. Just a light spray is enough to restore a little life. You can’t avoid replacing rollers forever, but you can certainly extend their useful life. This can save you time and money by not having to purchase and then install brand-new rollers every time they wear down.

Avoid annoying misfeeds and costly downtime with a little preventive maintenance. At Lloyd’s of Indiana, you can buy two cans of MBM Rubber Rejuvenator to help extend the life of your rollers for a fraction of the cost of new rollers. Shop now. 

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