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Printer Toner? You Have Options

Laser Printer Toner Cartridge Options

Printer Toner Cartridges are a bread and butter staple for printing manufacturers. A common pain point for many is investing in an affordable color printer, then finding out that the replacement cost for toner well exceeds initial expectations when it’s time to reorder. Many refurbished toner cartridges are simply refilled and reprogrammed without giving serious consideration to consistency in high quality printing performance. While it’s important to pay attention to the bottom line, we have cost-saving solutions available for compatible cartridges that will help meet your printing needs without sacrificing the high quality you’re searching for.

Compatible vs. Remanufactured

Compatible cartridges are newly manufactured cartridges. REVO manufactures cartridges to exact manufacturer specifications and guarantee them to work in the printers they are designed for. They are filled with toner that produces an OEM quality print. Lloyd’s of Indiana carries a large selection of compatible cartridges and toners from REVO Inks that are a great cost-saving alternative to OEM products.

REVO remanufactured toner cartridges start with used cartridges that get completely overhauled to work like new, using the same high quality toners you will find in OEM versions, but are typically half the price, which results in significant savings for your office.

Revo Performance

REVO’s Color Plus Technology offers an equivalent color performance at a better value, as well as improved color gamut and color concentration. Their Eco-Friendly Roller Technology uses a conductive polyurethane roller to prevent harmful gas and a Liquid Injection process that allows for even electric charge and better component performance.

REVO’s Absolute Sealing Technology achieves 100% seal. It uses ultrasonic welding to ensure integrity and reliability, new felts and foams to prevent leaking, and they’ve gone through rigorous leak testing to ensure consistent reliability. Additionally, REVO’s cartridges feature Smart Cleaning Technology that contain adjusted internal additives and increased toner electric-charge which reduces pollution to the PCR and DB, using proprietary blades to clean the PCR preventing any build up.

Lloyd’s of Indiana carries a large selection of laser printer toner cartridges from REVO Inks from the following manufacturers (including favorites like the HP CF283A or Kyocera TK-411):

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