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Service Is Our Middle Name

Is your tabletop paper folder, envelope stuffing machine or binding machine giving you trouble?

With proper maintenance, your print finish machines should offer years of trouble-free service. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, something goes wrong. That’s where Lloyd’s Lifetime Technical Support comes in.

Most repairs are simple, a switch here, a worn roller there. A simple part may be all the machine needs. Then, sometimes, maybe not. We have seen machines break and the replacement part was not easy to find, or economically beneficial to replace. If you have purchased a print finish machine through our website, we provide lifetime technical support for it, so give us a call if you are having troubles.

What are the most common problems we see?

Binding Machines

With binding machines, usually the operator is trying to over punch a big stack of paper. What usually happens is a pin bends, or the paper gets stuck in the machine. Removing the paper can be difficult, so we sometimes get binding machines with the paper still stuck on the pins. Once extracted, we have to test the pins to verify they still work properly. In some cases, we only replace one pin. In others, we have to replace the whole punching die. So, to avoid these problems, simply follow the recommended guidelines for paper stacks and weight.

Paper Folders

Paper folder repairs vary. We have had some machines where a switch goes bad, requiring replacement. Others needed to replace the rollers. We did receive one where the motherboard went bad. Like binding machines, it is important to follow the instructions and be aware of the maximum number of sheets your paper folder can handle.

Laminating Machines

With laminating machines, a common operator error is failing to use a pouch guide when feeding a laminating pouch through the machine, causing laminating glue to build up on the rollers. The only remedy is replacing the rollers. Or, the heating element goes bad. These are minor repairs that can extend the life of the machine without purchasing a new one.

We are here to help

Whatever the issue, in most cases, we can find parts and do the repairs for you. Or, if you do not want to send your machine to our office, we can help you with the repairs over the phone or through online video conferencing.

While we sell a lot of equipment and supplies, most of you know we also run a successful print business. We use the equipment or are familiar enough with how they work to provide assistance with just about any issue you may have.

If you already know what part you need, you can always request it through our site using the Parts Request Form.

When in doubt, just give us a call at 877-626-6848. We are always glad to help.

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