Custom Print Products Introduction

Introducing Custom Print Products: Part 1

For over 30 years, Lloyd’s of Indiana has supplied our customers with top-of-the-line printing equipment, document finishing equipment, and document finishing supplies. But did you know we also run a very successful printing operation? That’s right, Lloyd’s of Indiana not only sells the equipment, we also use it. That’s why we are so knowledgeable when customers call us with questions!

In order to avoid confusion, our printing operation flies under the banner of Custom Print Products, where we offer trade show graphics, sign printing, banners, and much more. Through this four-part blog series, we will introduce you to the many ways Custom Print Products can serve you or your business.

Part 1: Overview

Large Format? No Problem!

Scitex flatbed printerThere are so many print shops and copy shops around, it’s hard to compete in that realm. Printing on paper has become relatively simple, until you add specialty services, like UV coating and die-cutting, of course. We chose to think bigger. WAY bigger!

Custom Print Products specializes in large format printing on a variety of substrates. One of our flatbed printers can print on doors. A restaurant client brought in dining tabletops. The printer can handle any relatively flat object up to 120” x 98”!

And banners are no problem. A consistently popular item for us is vinyl banners, with stitched edges, grommets, and UV stable inks that stand up to harsh outdoor use.

Wholesalers and Resellers Welcome

One of the reasons Custom Print Products has gone unnoticed by many is that a huge portion of our business consists of printing large, bulky items other printers don’t want to handle, or would be cost prohibitive to setup. Therefore, we have built a wonderful business supplying area printers with reseller pricing on thousands of custom print jobs.

While we do sell to the general public, our main focus is providing custom printing services to our commercial clients. Just like Lloyd’s of Indiana sells high-end equipment suitable to high-volume print shops, Custom Print Products has the capacity to supply the large print items your customers need, so you can focus on your core print capabilities.

Sign Installation

Sign installationYou may have seen us around Indianapolis, Indiana and not even noticed. In addition to printing banners and boards, we also supply area businesses with outdoor signs. Custom Print Products owns a bucket truck with a 30 foot reach for installations. We design, print, manufacture and install a variety of high-quality signs to set your business apart from the rest. Stay tuned for Part 3 in this series for a full rundown of our sign making abilities.

Any Quantity

Unlike many print shops, who just can’t economically justify setting up a job for 1 or 5 pieces, Custom Print Products thrives on low quantity jobs. Our equipment setup and technology investment make small jobs simple to output.

One of our favorite items to produce is 24” x 18” double-sided yard signs. Order one or two for your garage sale, or 50 to advertise a school event. We offer competitive pricing that makes low-quantity custom printing affordable.

So now you know a little about Custom Print Products’ printing capabilities. Through the next few installments we will dive deeper into our full offering of printed products and production capabilities.

Up Next: Custom Printed Display Items


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