lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter

Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter Stacks Itself Against Others

For most printers, a Round Corner Cutter is a must-have in your print shop. The challenge in cutting anylassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter documents is finding the right tool to help increase production. After all, increasing productivity is what every business tries to achieve to shorten the time and add revenue.

The technology for round cornering machines has not changed much over the past 20 years. They pretty much are either manual and electric. The stacks of paper they can cut are still pretty limited, until the Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter.

Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter

At first look, you may think, this looks just like every other Lassco Round Corner Cutter. But it is not. This is the machine that gives you a 2” cutting capacity. So, it allows you to cut thicker stacks than you would otherwise be able to cut. So, in essence, you can double the output of a normal round corner cutter.

So, what are the specs for this machine?

  • 2” Cutting Capacity
  • Table size is 20” by 20″
  • Manual foot pedal for cutting
  • It can do either a 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/8” cut

table shot of the Lassco CR-55 round corner cutter

With the extra inch of cutting capacity, you double your work while lowering your cost of production with less time needed for round cornering.

To help with the cost of purchasing, take advantage of Section 179 of the Tax code and purchase your machine today. For a limited time, Lloyds is offering the Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Machine for $1,430.00.

If you take advantage of Section 179 of the Tax Code, you can lower the cost further assuming you are in a 35% Tax bracket.

Section 179 calculation to purchase the Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter

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