4 Tips To Keep Your Round Corner Dies Sharp

Sharper Round Corner Die, The Better It Cuts

Customers call us often with questions about their round corner machines. Often, we get questions about using their round corner cutter in ways it was not designed to be used. There are 4 simple rules to keep your round corner dies sharp and useful. So, let’s take a moment to go over them here.

1.  Paper Dies Do Not Work on Metalround corner die maintenance

If you are trying to use a paper die on metal, it is not going to work. The only thing you will do is dull or break the blade. At $95.00 a piece, trying to use a paper die on metal can be an expensive mistake.

There is a solution for metal, however. The Lassco CR-60 is the round corner machine of sign making or metal cornering. If you are corner rounding metal, the Lassco CR-60 is the tool you need.

2.  Overloading Die Not Recommended

If you have a standard die, it can only cut up to 1/2” stack at a time. If you try to cut more than a 1/2”, you could accelerate the life of the die.

For larger stacks of paper, the Lassco CR-55 can cut up to 2” stacks at a time. The Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter allows you to pretty much double your production of corner rounding projects and cut production time in half.

The other machines top out at 1/8” stacks at a time. Any more than that will contribute to dulling your blade.

3.  Empty the waste tray.

This is a simple rule. As you are punching your cardstock, paper or laminate, it gets pushed into the waste tray. After each use, it needs to be emptied. If it is full, it will shorten the life of your blade. Keep your waste tray clean.

4.  Keep your blades sharp.

Blades can be sharpened, but the cost of sharpening them tends to be at the same cost of just purchasing replacements. Purchase corner rounder replacement blades at the Lloyds of Indiana Round Corner Store.

Round Corner Cutters are the must-have tool for any print finishing operation. For them to be effective, follow the 4 rules and they will last forever.